In the Beginning

by Billy & Dolly

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released November 17, 2009

Bill Rousseau - Vocals, Guitar
Dahlia Gallin Ramirez - Vocals, Pianos, Organ
Nils Erickson - Guitar
Adam Cunha - Bass Guitar
Alex DeCarville - Drums

Produced by Nils Erickson
Recorded and mixed by Jay Pellicci at Tiny Telephone
Mastered by Roger Seibel at S.A.E. Mastering
Artwork by Christopher Appelgren
All songs by Ramirez and Rousseau



all rights reserved


Billy & Dolly San Francisco, California

"Billy & Dolly" is the musical venture of Bill Rousseau and Dahlia Gallin Ramirez, the singing and songwriting duo of San Francisco band The Monolith.

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Track Name: Younger Days
In our younger days, you never heard the telephone,
They had to call your name at least three times before you came
To the sidewalk where the bulbs were pushing up for air
I can’t tell you how, because you’re just a story now

In our quiet days, overcast and empty miles
Kept the volume down, until we found a broken cloud
Then the rage was on, but mother’s heels had come and gone
I can’t tell you how, because you’re just a story now

They called your name
At least three times
Before you came

In our younger days, exiles from the common roses
And violence, too, and too much time to waste with you
On your practice runs, spying on the ones we loved
I can’t tell you how, because you’re just a story now
Track Name: Knock Knock
Knock knock, I know you're home
Never answer your telephone
I'm on to you

Know the girl broke your heart
Took the car, tore the house apart,
I'm on to you

Are you going dark now?

God damn, just come outside
Get rid of your poisoned pride
I'm on to you

Tell me, tell me why you just can't bend
You'll stop the whispering of your friends

Are you going dark now?
Track Name: Five Years On
So it’s back again
Hear it rushing in
Think I missed the show
Was the last to know

Are we moving on?
Has it been that long?
Caught myself looking back at my friends
Now I’m tapped in, and trapped in the same

Five years on, will I fall for it again
Can’t deny all the crimes of present tense

So I caved again
For a shade of green
And a sideways part
And a middle name

Now I’m standing here
Left without a chair
Yes, I’m wearing the mark of my crowd
But I know not to say it out loud
Track Name: Holding It Down
You'll find a note saying there's food on the table
I might be sleeping or watching tv
And I know you'll write me as soon as you're able
I'll be here holding it down

The ships and the planes bring the brand new arrivals
But a thousand of them can't replace one of you
Coming to practice their skills of survival
I know they're just passing through

You always used to say
If we ever left this place
The wind would blow these little streets away

Waiting for postcards from friends who have travelled
Into the future, or is it the past?
I'll keep the world from becoming unraveled
Until you come back around
I'll be here holding it down
Track Name: I've Stopped Crying
Too many hours have been lost, too much time
Still I'm filled with remorse I can't abide
Oh my lord, what am I waiting for?
I've burned out the light from the dawn
Too many hours have been lost, but I've stopped crying
I know that it's gone

Locked in our old empty home with all the reminders
I blocked them out for a while, but I was defeated
Oh my my, when will the voices die
or at least be quiet for a while
Locked in our old empty home, but I've stopped crying
I know that you're gone

Tell me what I already know, and I'll show some mercy
You don't have to hide, you'll be released
Oh good god, you never crossed your heart
Can't prove me wrong one last time
Tell what I already know, and I'll stop crying
I know that you're gone
Track Name: You Always Win
How can it be you never fall
You never get the dreaded call
Can’t even say what mood you’re in
But darling, even so, you always win

By little miracles of fate
Your friends forgive you when you’re late
They see you walking down the street
Oh love, they bend like reeds beneath your feet

With just a smile, all problems solved
Your little cruelties just dissolve
And everything turns out okay
Somehow, dear, you always get your way
Track Name: Surely Fade
We got stuck on the runway one last time
Our hearts stuck in a boundary, towing on a line
The hardest part, is over now

You caught the first train leaving, with a turncoat's smile
And your story abandoned, I tear it down know
I don't know who you are now

Can't help but hear the echo of all these thoughts that surely will fade
Like the sweetness that once was, will surely fade

Now I'm back at the runway, waiting for a sign
Shake the dust and years off, it's been so long
Track Name: Hard Times
Fell in love at the end of the Old Great Highway
Busted shoals hold the homes that crown my city
I've been down every road
and watched the gas lights tremble

There's hard times on the north side
The feeling runs through here

There's a sign that the gates are growing wider
The sycophants fill the ships and they choke the harbor
I've seen it all before
and I can't be troubled

There's hard times on the north side
The feeling runs through here
I found my home, I won't leave even though
There's hard times on the north side
Track Name: Anvil
With the weight of an anvil
Brought my old defenses down

I lie awake with no answers
I lie awake - it nearly killed me

Tell me what I'm following
Got nowhere to go
If this is true

Tied up tight to this anchor
Fight tide pulling me down

I see the coast right behind me
I see the coast - I'm barely breathing

Tell me what I'm following
Got nowhere to go
If this is true
I'll find out soon
Track Name: In the Beginning
In the beginning, everything was there
A girl with brown eyes and a boy with long hair
And secrets in treetops that no one would share

There were no gardens, and there were no graves
Just two children running through badlands and caves
Taking for granted what nobody gave

In the beginning, there was no love
Just two people living, whatever that’s called
Like insects that make their whole lives on one wall

There was no envy, there was no disease
But she grew weary of living with ease
And took consolation in whispering trees

He followed her out in the cool of the day
He saw her talking but what did she say
And why did she stand in the grass where they lay

And so he learned that the world wasn’t kind
He moved to a room in the back of his mind
And told her to walk a few paces behind